We are looking for businesses with the following characteristics:

Our geographic focus is primarily along the Gulf South - from Texas to Southern Florida. Although we are open to the right opportunities through the United States and the Americas.


  • $1,000,000 - $80,000,000 million in revenue
  • $500,000-$5,000,000 million in EBITDA
  • Predictable cash flows


  • Growing or stable industry that is recession resistant
  • Beyond start up phase with a product or service that has already been accepted by the market
  • Stagnant financial performance or light distress
  • Clear competitive advantage and barriers to entry for competitors
  • Contractually recurring revenue and/or high customer retention
  • Strong preference for companies doing business internationally
  • Industries - we look for specific opportunities across more industries than those listed here.  However, industries we see promise in are:
    • Retail, specifically design and sell companies with their own products and brands and international distribution
    • Geriatric Healthcare: such as home health, senior care, etc
    • Cash-based and/or concierge medical services with unique offerings or brands
    • Aviation Training
    • Insurance adjusting and claims processing, transaction processing
    • Private Education: unique technologies, systems, or vocational schools
    • Security Services
    • Cyber-security


  • Private owner looking to retire or gain liquidity through exit
  • Looking to divest non-core business
  • Wishes to step away from daily management and needs assistance with financial management, strategic planning, business process improvement
  • Would like to see the company continue to grow through proper capitalization and operational resources
  • Corporate entity looking to divest a division directly or through a management buyout (MBO)

Why Us?

  • We are well capitalized and can move quickly to close transaction
  • We are from the geographic region and will keep the company based in the Gulf South
  • We are experienced and are focused on a limited portfolio of companies
  • We are long term investors, operational involved and dedicated to success
  • We have a flexible deal structure